Worried That a Tree Will Fall on Your House?

Worried That a Tree Will Fall on Your House?

Turn to us for tree removal services in the Pasco, WA area

When homeowners in Pasco, WA and the surrounding area need tree removal services, they rely on the crew at Supreme Tree Service. Our team can remove unwanted and hazardous trees safely.

We also offer emergency tree removal services. If you need to get a tree removed from your yard right away, call or text 509-460-8457.

There are dozens of reasons why you might need to get a tree removed. No matter what kind of situation you're dealing with, you can rely on us for superior tree removal services. Schedule a visit from our crew if:

  • You want to make room in your yard for a landscaping project
  • There's a tree growing over your house, garage, driveway or shed
  • A tree fell in your yard during a storm
Our emergency tree removal crew will work quickly and treat your property with care. You can count on us to remove hazardous trees without causing damage.

Contact us now to get a free estimate.